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Deane Evans was a treasured husband, father, coach, friend, businessman and musician, among many other honorable things.  He was a very positive influence on the lives of many kids who have become better young men having had Deane as a part of their lives in some way or another, and especially as the founder of the Woodstock High School Ice Club, to which he was totally committed.  It is fair to say that the continued success of the program is as a result of what he put in place many years ago. It is unfortunate, to say the least, that he passed away at such an early age and he is truly missed by all of us. 


Most of the kids that Deane coached have graduated from High School and moved on.  Many are fathers themselves now.  It is our goal to perpetuate his legacy by hosting an annual Golf Tournament in his honor.  Each year the money raised will go to a selected organization along with other charitable work in his honor and memory.

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